Sunday, December 15, 2013

軒外之音 | 大人餐廳 - Esquire Kitche | 咖哩雞面 Curry Chicken Noodles

店名:大人餐廳 - Esquire Kitchen

Head Office 
Unit 910, Block B, Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara I,
No.9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7660 4808

分行地址:吉隆坡 - Kuala Lumpur & 雪蘭莪 Selangor, PJ 
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推介:咖哩雞面 Curry Chicken Noodles - RM 10.90




關於大人餐廳 - About Esquire Kitchen from:

Esquire Kitchen has always been a taste of home-style cooking. Boasting recipes of home styled Sze Chuan and Shanghainese delights, that have been handed down from generation to generation. The roots of our recipes go back to the early 70s, beginning from the humble woks of a group of neighbourhood wives cooking for their families and friends, leading to the kitchens of our very first restaurant in 1974.

Though Sze Chuan food is especially known for its sweet, sour and prominently spicy tastes, our home styled Sze Chuan is exceptionally prepared with a motherly touch. Our dishes are expertly cooked in order to keep its unique flavours and distinct tastes alive while at the same time reducing its spicy and oily factor to a minimum. This culinary style was started by the wives of yesteryear and has been perfected throughout the years by our predominantly female chefs.

Coming a long way from a single restaurant in the 70s, Esquire Kitchen is now widely available with 15 outlets spread across the Klang Valley. Still deeply rooted in culture and tradition, and still serving those very same recipes of warm, rich and comforting food that most grew up with.

Among the specialties of our kitchen are our handmade piping hot ‘Flower Buns’, our excellent signature ‘Tung Po’ Pork Dish as well as our fragrant and crisp Stir Fried French Beans. Specializing not only in food, but in drinks and desserts as well with our daily made fresh Soya Bean and ‘Tau Fu Fah’, often deemed the best in town.

So if it’s a taste of home-style cooking you hunger for, then Esquire Kitchen is the place to go – and our kitchens are always open to serve you.

上星期和客家佬到 Pavillion 那一代,順便也來 Sungai Wang 走走看看。那時候,午餐時間。來過 Sungai Wang 的你也知道,這裡吃的其實也沒有什麽選擇的。


咖哩雞面 Curry Chicken Noodles - RM 10.90 


我上星期才來,而且,我開始愛上!!! =D


  1. 還沒吃晚餐看到這個真的很辛苦 :(

  2. 拍到照片红彤彤的,是很辣吧?

  3. 吉隆坡的咖喱面应该和槟城的大不同,呵呵

  4. N年前去的大人餐厅是在Old Klang Road那里的,现在应该没有了吧!可想而知有多久以前。。。。:P

  5. 大人餐厅的食物,不怎么出色。

  6. 我真的差点忘了这餐厅了哈哈
    唯一的印象是, 他们家的烧包不错吃啊!

  7. 恩恩恩,赞同!以前读书的时候,觉得它很贵,现在都不屑吃它的食物了,oh oh! :P

  8. 以前都一定叫東坡肉配饅頭的呢!:D

  9. 真的很久了, 以前常听见, 反而现在都没有听几个人提起了。。。