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軒外之音 | Beard Papa Malaysia - Beard Papa's Fresh'n Natural Cream Puffs 奶油泡芙

小吃店名:Beard Papa's Fresh'n Natural Cream Puffs
面子書 Facebook:

分行地址:吉隆坡 - Kuala Lumpur & 雪蘭莪 Selangor, PJ.
1. One Utama Shopping Centre Outlet
Address: Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Mall, Jusco Delicatessan, (in front of Jusco Supermarket) Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel / Fax: 03-78064288

2. Mid Valley Megamall Outlet
Address: LG007, Mid Valley city, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel / Fax: 03- 22824043

3. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Outlet
Address: P1.06.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel / Fax: 03- 2143-4288

分行地址:柔佛 Johor Bahru
1.  Johor Bahru City Square Outlet
Address: Lot No.MB 10A, Level B1, Johor Bahru City Square, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel / Fax: +607-2211054

好..!! 我自己從實招來好了.. 我上星期請假然後到 Pavillion 走走逛逛拍下拖,吃下東西,喝下茶,順便休息,順便 Clear Leave.. 就這樣,之前和客家佬商量后安排后實行這個 [休息日]。人,是在工作了一段時間后,會覺得一定要好好的休息一兩天充下電,才可以繼續往前走的。

來到 Pavillion 的這一天,在 ‘不小心’ 的狀況下來到 Beard Papa。我們不是特地前來這裡的,只是當我們經過這裡,那陣陣的香味,撲鼻而來。空氣中,帶著濃濃的烤香味。我們兩個人站在一旁,看著有不少的人潮來這裡購買食物。一時的好奇心,二時的香味,三時的衝動,我們也就排隊買下!

Beard Papa 是怎麽一回事?我之前沒有聽説過,買下吃下后再研究... 

關於 Beard Papa - About Beard Papa (from:
The title of the "World's Best Cream Puffs" was certainly not given in vain. Its popularity is proven with over 300 stores set up worldwide and growing, Beard Papa's premium cream puffs are poised to be the king of all cream puffs.
Beard Papa's became a household name since 1999 when Yuji Hirota, a veteran in bakery business, opened the first Beard Papa's store in Osaka, Japan. It has never stopped serving up trays and trays of its unique cream puffs to thousands of people. Although it's been more than 10 years, our mission has remained unchanged, that is to pursue uncompromising quality in serving the World's Best Cream Puffs.

By remaining consistently focused on product quality and customer service, Beard Papa's has earned a large and loyal following of puff fanatics who will attest that once you taste our crisp and creamy cream puffs...

There Is No Comparison.

09.12.2013 我接觸到 Beard Papa。這家的 Cream Puff 有種讓人帶有回味的力量。我們購買的 Original Vanilla Cream Puff 和 Durian Puff 有讓我和客家佬想念它的那種感覺。

Beard Papa @ Pavillion 位于最低樓

掀起秘密 Whipping Up Secrets (from:

Choux Pastry Shell
Beard Papa's cream puffs consist of a two-layer shell. The inner shell is a choux pastry and the outer shell is a pie crust. It is this special structured shell which makes Beard Papa's cream puffs so unique. As the cream puffs are baked fresh, our stores are always filled with the aroma of tantalizing cream puffs!

Premium Vanilla Beans
You will discover tiny black grains in our custard cream which lends its special aroma and flavour. These are specially handpicked organic vanilla beans from Madagascar which we pod and use generously. Madagascar is known worldwide for producing the best naturally grown vanilla beans.

Whipped Cream Custard
It takes 2 hours to our prepare our whipped cream custard and it is made fresh 3 to 5 times a day. The flavourful concoction consists of plenty of natural vanilla beans and fresh local milk. The custard is then blended with lightly whipped cream right before our cream puffs are served.

Filling A Puff
To serve our customers the freshest and best, our puffs are filled with whipped cream custard only when an order is placed. We then sprinkle powdered sugar over them and they are ready to be served!

Eat Them Immediately
Beard Papa's cream puffs taste best when eaten immediately after purchase. Please keep them refrigerated if you are not going to eat them immediately. Since Beard Papa's cream puffs do not contain any persavatives, we recommend consuming them the same day of purchase or within 24 hours.

左邊 Left:  Original Vanilla Cream Puff - RM 4.80
右邊 Right: Durian Cream Puff - RM 6.30

香草口味 - Original Vanilla Cream Puff - Made according to our carefully thought out vanilla custard recipe from Osaka, Japan, this flavour has proven to be the most popular and hotselling.

根據Beard Papa分享的資料,香草奶油是來自日本大阪,這個味道已經被證明是最流行最熱買的口味。

榴蓮口味 - Durian Cream Puff


為了更好地服務,Beard Papa 準備給客戶提供最新鮮和最好的泡芙,而且還充滿了奶油蛋羹。工作人員會在 Cream Puff 上面撒上糖粉,然後就可以品嘗了 =D



  1. 你说的价钱是一粒吧??价钱比起马六甲的有点小贵。。还是这个榴莲味道比马六甲的重很多??

    1. 對,是1粒的價錢。不同的口味有不同的價錢 :)

  2. 我最喜欢吃他们的original口味,可以一次过吃下好几粒呢~呵呵…

  3. 榴莲口味,榴莲季节回来了!!! =]

    1. 小影也喜歡吃榴蓮嗎?其實對我來説,榴蓮的也不賴 :)

  4. 我的公司就在Mid Valley,偶尔心情太糟都会在放工后买一颗犒赏自己,

  5. 看完这一篇的分享,心里在呐喊:"为什么槟城没有分行啊!!?"