Friday, November 30, 2018

[軒外之音] | 全新 AirAsia 豐隆銀行信用卡讓你能更快登上免費航班 | AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Credit Card, Your exclusive ticket to free flight

亞洲航空航繼續引領旅遊信用卡潮流,與豐隆銀行有限公司 (豐隆銀行)達成合作協議,推介AirAsia豐隆銀行信用卡,讓持卡人專享免費機票。


AirAsia 豐隆銀行金卡信用卡和 AirAsia 豐隆銀行白金卡信用卡是終極旅遊信用卡。每一令吉的消費均可自動賺取額外 BIG 積分,讓持卡人更輕松地獲取免費機票。

為了讓持卡人更快登上免費航班,持卡人將可享受驚人的迎新獎勵及最高 25,000 BIG 積分的季度獎勵。對於經常使用 AirAsia 豐隆銀行信用卡並積極兌換機票的持卡人來說,這絕對是個好消息。

持卡人還可結合低消費和高賺分率更快地累積 BIG 積分:亞航機票每消費RM1可得6 BIG積分;使用AirAsia豐隆銀行白金卡信用卡在國外消費每RM2或在國內消費每RM3可獲1 BIG積分;使用AirAsia豐隆銀行金卡信用卡在國外消費每RM2或在國內消費每RM5可獲1 BIG積分。

此外,AirAsia 豐隆銀行白金卡信用卡持卡人將專享航空公司特權,如免費機上 WiFi、優先辦理登機手續和登機,Xpress 行李優先處理,以及即時升級至 BIG Platinum 會員身份,讓持卡人在預訂合資格的航班時更快賺取更多 BIG 積分。

信用卡申精獲批準後首60天內消費至少RM 2,500 = 5,000 迎新 BIG 積分獎勵
每季度消費至少RM 5,000 = 每季額外 5,000 BIG 積分獎勵

信用卡申精獲批準後首60天內消費至少RM 1,500 = 3,000 迎新 BIG 積分獎勵
每季度消費至少RM 3,000 = 每季額外 3,000 BIG 積分獎勵

亞航集團首席 CEO - Tony Fernandes (身穿白衣) 有幸那麽近距離目睹他的風采。

多才多藝的亞航工作人員還能在現場鼓舞,讓全場嘉賓跟著 HIGH 起來。

亞航集團首席執行員 Tony Fernandes 表示:“今天推介的 AirAsia 豐隆銀行信用卡是我們將 BIG 忠誠計劃轉型為 BIG Life 旅遊和生活時尚業務計劃的一部分。 這些信用卡不僅可以讓我們的 BIG 會員更快獲得BIG積分以提升他們的旅遊體驗,更讓 BIG 積分不再限於旅遊,而是可應用在每天生活上,從而成為用途更廣、更有價值的數字貨幣。”

豐隆銀行集團董事總經理兼首席執行員 Domenic Fuda (下圖左二) 深信,AirAsia豐隆銀行信用卡將成為馬來西亞的終極旅遊信用卡,因為它與兩個最關鍵的馬來西亞旅遊消費行為息息相關,亦即飛行頻密度和費用意識。


豐隆銀行集團董事總經理兼首席執行員Domenic Fuda (左二)與亞航集團首席執行員Tony Fernandes(左三)推介全新AirAsia豐隆銀行信用卡。

全體合照 - Fast track to free flights with the all-new AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Credit Card 

• Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Leong Bank (HLB)
• Tony Fernandez, Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia
• Ng Kong Boon, Visa Country Manager for Malaysia (4th from right)
• together with their senior management team

Up to 25,000 Bonus BIG Points

Top up your BIG Points with welcome bonus as well as quarterly bonuses that will set you on your way to your dream destination!

Earn up to 6X BIG Points on your daily and AirAsia spend, from as low as RM1

Daily transactions, AirAsia flight bookings and purchases will now earn you BIG Points to fly for free for your next holiday. It doesn't take much to start earning your way towards free flights. With a combination of great low spend and high earn rate, you can really get your BIG Points balance growing.

Priority Check-in, Boarding and Xpress Baggage

Get the VIP treatment with the World’s Best - as a cardholder of an AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Platinum Credit Card, you and anyone travelling with you (as long as they are on the same booking reference) will be able to check-in using designated Priority Check-in counters where available, and then be one of the first to board the plane with Priority Boarding. Added to this fantastic benefit, your group will also have the privilege of Xpress Baggage, so you'll be picking up your bags and be on the way faster. 

Instant upgrade to BIG Platinum Membership Status
Earning BIG Points gets even quicker as you'll earn up to 7X times more by being awarded an instant BIG Platinum Membership Status. And instead of having to take 24 flights to gain status, as a new AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Platinum credit cardholder, you'll instantly enjoy the BIG Platinum Membership benefits. To maintain BIG Platinum status after the first year, all you'll need to do is spend a minimum of RM20,000 with your AirAsia Hong Leong Bank Platinum Credit Card in the preceding 12 months.


Ways to redeem
You’ve earned it! Now turn your BIG Points into your next adventure. Your points enable you to take your travel and lifestyle choices further.

Final Call Sale
Redeem a one-way flight from as low as 500 BIG Points! Our Final Call Sale is 90% off market rates and takes place on the first Monday of every month.

Final Call Sale X
Go the X-tra mile with savings of up to 80% by redeeming AirAsia X flight deals. Final Call Sale X happens on the third Monday of every month.

Fixed Points 
Redeem promo flights every day at up to 70% off based on your flight’s travel time. It offers you great value and the convenience of planning your trips in advance.

Redeem a comfortable stay on and Tune Hotels to unwind on holiday.

Travel attractions
Pump up the fun by redeeming tickets and activities from Klook to access the best attractions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and more, for less!

BIG Deals by Fave
Enjoy up to 95% off Fave vouchers on beauty, food, wellness and many more! Redeem BIG Deals on the BIG Loyalty app or earn 1 BIG Point for every RM1 spent on purchases.

你的 BIG 積分準備好了嗎? 立即在 或亞航 BIG 忠誠度應用程序上兌換,該應用程序可從 App Store 或 Google Play 下載即可。

Enjoy all the benefits below:

⚬ Enjoy up to 6X BIG Points
⚬ For every RM1 spend on AirAsia flights or products and also earn 1 BIG Point for either RM5 of local or RM2 of international spend
⚬ Up to 15,000 BIG Points
⚬ Which includes Welcome Bonus of 3,000 BIG Points and up to 12,000 Quarterly Bonus BIG Points
⚬ No annual fee for the first year
*Terms and Conditions apply.

(Earn over RM60,000 per annum and 21 years old or over)
Enjoy all the benefits below:

⚬ Enjoy up to 6X BIG Points
⚬ For every RM1 spend on AirAsia flights or products and also earn 1 BIG Point for either RM3 of local or RM2 of international spend
⚬ Up to 25,000 BIG Points
⚬ Which includes Welcome Bonus of 5,000 BIG Points and up to 20,000 Quarterly Bonus BIG Points
⚬ No annual fee
⚬ For the first year
⚬ Priority check-in, boarding & baggage
⚬ Instant Upgrade to BIG Platinum Membership Status
⚬ Enjoy up to 7X Big Points per RM1 spent on flight bookings allowing you to earn BIG Points faster!
⚬ Free Onboard WiFi on your first flight as an introductory offer and subject to availability



⚬ 歡迎和季度獎金高達25,000 BIG積分
⚬ 免費即時升級至BIG白金會員身份
⚬ 免費優先辦理登機手續,登機和Xpress行李
⚬ 免費入門板載Wifi
⚬ 第一年沒有年費

使用 AirAsia 豐隆銀行信用卡時均能享有實質價值,能享受更多令人興奮和難忘的旅遊體驗,因為每次消費將自動為他們賺取積分,絕對能更快展開免費飛行旅程。

趕快行動!通過 註冊 AirAsia 信用卡,立刻開啟免費旅程和專享優先特權,將您的旅遊體驗提升至另一層次。
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