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軒外之音 | 亞航長程與索尼馬來西亞尋找聯合品牌代言人 | 立即参与以赢取亚航长程及索尼 (Sony) 的丰富奖品

Photo Caption: (From Left to Right) Sony Malaysia Managing Director Satoru Arai; AirAsia X Malaysia CEO Benyamin Ismail and AirAsia X Group Head of Commercial Barry Klipp flanked by cabin crew at the launch of “Through the Lens” to search for a joint ambassador for the brands.

亞航長程今日宣布與索尼馬來西亞建立新合作夥伴關系,共同尋找這 科技與旅遊品牌的聯合代言人。

透過“Through the Lens”攝影比賽,脫穎而出的優勝者將贏取亞航提供的的飛行機會及最新的索 尼產品,以及長達一年的品牌代言機會。該比賽將從2018年7月30日至10月7日舉辦,為期十周。參賽者只需上網到throughthelens.airasia.com網站分享自己於亞航超過130目的地所拍攝的精彩照 片作品。

AirAsia X today announced a new partnership with Sony Malaysia by launching a global search for the first ever joint brand ambassador to represent the leading travel and visual technology brands.

The ten-week contest, dubbed “Through the Lens” will run from 30 July to 7 October 2018. A one-year ambassadorship including air travel courtesy of AirAsia and latest Sony camera equipment can be won by sharing compelling images from any of AirAsia’s 130 plus travel destinations worldwide, via

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現場可以目睹能說故事的照片。被高掛在現場的照片全由 Sony 相機拍攝。背後的持相機者就是以下照片身穿白色襯衫的男生。他攝下的照片不僅讓人投入也能帶上你說故事。


Sony Malaysia Managing Director Satoru Arai said, "Due to the increase of smartphones penetration in the market, passion for photography has advanced rapidly in a few short years. People have started taking more aesthetic travel photos, which connect (thanks to social platforms) with complete strangers across the world. Sony, as the worldwide leader in Digital Imaging and the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer, we are confident of continuing to lead the way forward, to a wider spectrum of travel photographers, from hobbyist to enthusiast. In collaboration with AirAsia, we believe we can keep the inspiration chain alive and people will start capturing the beauty of everyday life through their lens.”

亞航長程集團商務總監Barry Klipp表示,“亞航自成立以來一直致力於為乘客們提供低票價的航空服務。身為領先的低成本航空,我們非常著重於科技與創新,希望能通過與索尼的合作夥伴關系啟發乘客們透過鏡頭分享他們在亞航多個精彩目的地的旅遊故事。”

他補充道 “一張簡單照片能訴說許多精彩故事。我們相信這與索尼共同創造的比賽平臺能讓更多人有機會以各個不同的方式展現他們所體驗過的美妙旅程 - 無論是奢華假期或背包之旅、透過簡單手機鏡頭或最高端相機。我們所尋找的優勝者是一位願透過美麗照片與我們分享他們前往任何亞航航點精彩旅行點滴的人。”

AirAsia X Group Head of Commercial Barry Klipp said “Since its inception, AirAsia has been an enabler of air travel by providing consistently low fares. As a company, we are committed to innovation and technology and with this Sony partnership, we hope our guests will be inspired to share their travel experiences wherever AirAsia flies, through their own lens.”

Klipp added “They say a picture tells a thousand words. We launched this contest with Sony to showcase how travel experiences can be told in amazing ways visually no matter what the budget - either through a smartphone or with the best camera equipment in the market. We are searching for someone who explores any AirAsia destination and shares their favourite travel moments far and wide.”



得獎者還將獲得亞航長程豪華平躺座椅往返東京機票和住宿,並可前往索尼日本總部了解該公司的最新科技產品。此外,獎品還包括有價值9千433令吉的索尼全新Alpha A7III K全畫幅無反光鏡相機以及價值1千93令吉的索尼h.ear on 2無線耳機。


The grand prize is a money can’t buy experience where as a joint ambassador, the winner will be rewarded with the chance to be a part of exciting new AirAsia travel experiences and be involved in exclusive product launches from Sony Malaysia.

The winner will also win free return Premium Flatbed seats and accommodation in Tokyo, to visit Sony’s latest technologies at their Japan headquarters, Sony’s new full frame mirrorless camera, Alpha A7 III K worth RM9,433 and a Sony h.ear on 2 wireless headphones worth RM1,093.

Also up for grabs are nine consolation prizes including AirAsia X flights and a Sony RX100V camera worth RM4,299, provided weekly to the best creative story submitted on the contest's microsite.

立即瀏覽 參與次攝影大賽並了解參賽詳情。

更多亞洲航空公司的資訊,請訪問亞洲航空公司官方面子書 ( 以及推特(。

To enter the contest, visit and learn how to submit your own entry by uploading your travel photos with a creative story around it.

Keep up-to-date with AirAsia's latest promotions and activities via Facebook ( and Twitter (

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