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Review [好康分享] 軒外之音 | Travel Recommends | 出國旅行必備 WiFi Router / Pocket WiFi | 以最低價格享用 Unlimited WiFi

每次外出國外旅行的時候,大多時間都會抵達國外機場後在機場買電話卡,以便在旅遊期間可以無線上網和通訊。但現時科技發達,單憑 Travel Recommends 的一個無限 WiFi Router 絕對可以讓你無時無刻保持最佳狀態在網上打卡!

雖然每次出國都在國外購買國際漫遊 SIM 卡,不方便的是每次抵達外國機場購買時都會大排長龍,購買國際漫遊 SIM 卡的人潮也非常多非常擁擠。再來國際漫遊 SIM 卡不好的就是上網流量也有限,多個人一起分享就會很快到配額,速度也因此變得非常緩慢甚至翻新不到網站。最不方便的是還得打卡手機,安裝 SIM 卡,再安裝回去很不方便。

所以近來獲得旅客給了非常好評的 Travel Recommends 絕對幫你解決以上的種種煩惱,讓你安心旅行且可以無時無刻上網。

Travel Recommends 提供海外 WiFi Router / Pocket WiFi 和海外預付SIM卡給馬來西亞出國旅遊者,也確保客戶在出國的時候獲得優質的互聯網連接。Travel Recommends 有 Wifi租賃這個概念旨在為來自馬來西亞到國外或是旅客提供最好的連接服務,也為來自馬來西亞的遊客提供最佳體驗的獨家優惠.

Travel Recommends 提供海外 WiFi Router / Pocket WiFi 的國家包括於一下:

要預定 Travel Recommends 非常簡單,只要根據以下幾個簡單步驟就可以:

1. 建議在外出國前的5天前開始預定 Reserve online at least 5 working days before departure date
2. 收到付款和押金退款指示的電子郵件 Received reservation email with payment instructions
3. 通過銀行轉賬付款並通知 Travel Recommends 您的付款細節
4. 收到確認郵件 Received confirmation email

1. 櫃臺領取 Self-collection & return
* Collect & Return Travel WiFi at KLIA Travel Recommends booth before check in
2. 郵寄方式 Courier (additional chrges)
* Delivery to your house via courier at least one day before your trip
* Courier collects from your indicated address one day after your trip

Note: You are able to choose to Self-Collect from KLIA and Return via Courier or Collect Via Courier and Return at KLIA yourself.
(These options are available while you make your reservation online. Do note that courier is chargeable at RM20 for each way.)

如果你選擇的是 Self-collection & return,KLIA 和 KLIA 2 的 Travel Recommends Booth 是 24小時營業的。

上星期前往泰國,而 Travel Recommends 提供的優惠是 RM19/天。除了可以無限上網以外,速度也非常驚人。

到櫃臺領取後,當天工作人員會給你一個綠色小包,裏面裝有無線上網器材 (WiFi Router)、充電線和國際插頭( 可使用 USB 充電 )。 Travel Recommends 提供的配套非常貼心也非常完整。所以在旅行期間你不必擔心沒有帶國際插頭,貼心的 Travel Recommends 已經為你準備好。


無論是上網速度還是使用方式和價格,Travel Recommends 都給我極大的滿意!讓我在無時無刻都可以在網上打卡,找資料和上傳照片,非常好用。值得一提的是只要 WiFi Router 充滿電量後,就可以使用至少6小時以上,完全沒問題。

溫馨提醒:記得帶上自家 Power Bank。如果沒有的話,也可以在 Travel Recommends 出租哦。

Are there any penalty charges? 

Late Return Penalty
A late fee of RM30/day will be imposed from the second day of the end of the indicated return date of the rental period for the following countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

A late fee of RM70/day will be imposed from the second day, after the end of the indicated return date of the rental period for European countries.

For example, your indicated return date is 5th Nov. If you return it on the 6th, you will not be charged a late penalty fee. You will only be charged from the 7th onwards.

Any cancellation of TravelWiFi booking will incur a cancellation fee of RM50 per device.

Accidental Loss
The charges for loss or damage are as follows:

⚈ WiFi router and SIM card: RM600
⚈ Power Bank: RM80
⚈ Carrying case: RM50
⚈ Converting plug: RM50
⚈ Other Accessories: RM25

Note: If you have purchased the insurance of RM30, you need not pay the penalty charge of cancellations, loss or damages to accessories and *TravelWifi device.

*Must be accompanied with police report as proof of loss.

If you do lose the Travel Pocket Wi-Fi, please make a police report in the country where you lost it and present the report to us as proof of loss when you are back in Malaysia.

相信很多人都知道在每年3月和4月都是日本和韓國浪漫的季節,有著最美的櫻花炫舞,也有很多無數遊客到日本韓國旅遊。所以為配合櫻花季,Travel Recommends 也因此貼心為遊客準備,而推出了前往日本和韓國的 4G Unlimited Travel WiFi。此 Travel WiFi 也可以和旅伴一起共用上 5個 Device。

韓國 4G Unlimited Travel WiFI - RM 15/day
日本 4G Unlimited Travel WiFi - RM 18/day



知名度極高的 Travel Recommends 除了有售賣 WiFi Router / Pocket WiFi 以外,還有 SIM 卡,日本 JR Pass 和 景點門票等等應有盡有。Travel Recommends 絕對讓你省上更多時間,讓你旅途更暢快!


推介:Travel Recommends

Hotline: +60 12-335 1401 (Office Hours 9am – 6pm)
Hotline: 1700819813
Enquiries and last minute orders: +60 12-3350541 (WhatsApp messages only)
Technical support: +60 10-3946177 (WhatsApp messages only) Available 24 hours


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