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[Food Review] 軒外之音 | Damansara Utama | Mikoshi's Launch Party | Mikoshi Restaurant 日式火鍋 - The True Taste of Home

Mikoshi Restaurant 日式涮涮鍋含有7種特別湯底。湯底特別以外,也很適合搭配不同種類的火鍋食材,突顯其原有的美味。

Mikoshi Restaurant, a shabu-shabu restaurant, brings a reason to halt the rat race and congregate in harmony with family and friends over a delectable steamy Japanese Hot Pot. Table seats up to 70 peoples and are each equipped with its own shabu-shabu stove; their private foom seats 20 people at a time.

Mikoshi Restaurant 主打日式火鍋日式涮涮鍋,位於 Damansara Uptown (OCBC Bank 對面) 正式營業!肉類有澳洲羊肉、牛肉、雞腿肉無限任添。Mikoshi Restaurant 120分鐘放題大人 RM48.00 起,內有很多食物選擇,足可以讓你吃的飽飽的滿足。

Shabu Shabu Buffet
120 minutes 120 分鐘
Adult 大人 - RM 48.00++
Children 小孩 (Below 12 Yrs) - RM 38.00++ / 幼兒 (Below 3 Yrs) - Free

Mikoshi 店內櫃臺前,也有售賣各種各樣在外面以買不到的童年零食。

Taken from a word that means ''shrine'' to symbolize festivity and togetherness, Mikoshi is the brainchild of Ayaka Fukuda, its Managing Director, who has been residing in Malaysia for 4 years but has long realized since her days in Japan, that the pursuit of all things good in life correlates a deterioration of togetherness between family members and friends.

創業者 Ayaka Fukuda 是一個的笑容也親切讓你在 Mikoshi 用餐好像回到家的感覺,非常舒服非常溫暖。

With special emphasis on fun for the whole faily, Mikoshi reserves a section of its space for traditional Japanese game like yo-yo tsuri (water-balloon fishin) and another Japanese and local childhood treats, both for children and even adults at Mikoshi to indulge in.

As meat is main in this savory dish, there will be thinly sliced beef, beef's tongue, lamb, and chicken for the picking and to complement these is a buffet full of variety of vegetables like fresh greens, cabbage, nori (seaweed), tofu, carrots, daikon, corn, and mushrooms.

Shabu Shabu Buffet
Sauces 醬料選擇有:Spicy Miso / Sesame / Momijioroshi / Sweet Chili, Japanese Chili Powder / Chili Padi , Garlic, Spring Onion, Raw Egg & Coriander


Welcome & Introduction Speech by Managing Director, Ms Ayaka Fukuda.

Speech by Restaurant Manager, Max Chin

Shabu Shabu Buffet
Soup Base - 可選擇兩個湯底 Can select 2 soup bases

1. Ginger Soup - Singature Ginger Soup is made from a homemade broth which is something that one should try.
2. Sukiyaki Soup - Sukiyaki Soup is a Japanese Soy Sauce broth which normally complemented with raw eggs as a dipping sauce.
3. Spicy Miso Soup - Spicy Miso Soup is a marriage between local and Japanese flavours to give spicy lovers a kick
4. Sesami Soy Milk Soup
5. Wafu Soup
6. Spicy Mogolian Soup
7. Green Curry Soup

圖左:Ginger Soup / 圖右:Spicy Miso Soup


Shabu Shabu Buffet
肉類 Meats 選擇有:Beef Toungue / Beef 和雞肉 Chicken & 牛肉 Lamb



第一次來到 Mikoshi Restaurant 日式火鍋用餐經驗不錯,肉片和食材都非常新鮮,環境很好很舒服,店員服務也非常友善,點餐時會細心解釋,用餐時也會多次來你座位面帶笑容服務。

店鋪:Mikoshi Restaurant
地址:No. 109A, Jalan 21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
營業時間:11.30am - 11.00pm
聯絡/預定電話:+603-7733 1184 / +6017-3373 148
Instagram: mikoshirestaurant

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