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軒外之音 | 吉隆坡 Pavilion | 紅透韓國臺灣的噢!媽呀!Omaya Lee Kwong-Soo Cheesy Chicken Dakgalbi 辛普森湯 | 不用買機票到韓國都能吃到好味道!


為了歡慶Omaya Pavilion正式開張,Omaya Pavilion從8月21日直到8月24日期間,都會進行回饋顧客們的優惠活動!只需預先撥電預訂座位,且預訂人數4人或以上,可享有特定商品50%優惠。(只限首50位撥電預訂的顧客而已)

前Omaya食評:軒外之音 | 吉隆坡 Subang Jaya | 紅透韓國臺灣的噢!媽呀!Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken 韓國乳溝起司春川炒雞 | 起司控天堂

韓國超人氣『Omaya春川炒雞』於 21/08/2017 在 Pavilion 正式開張。那又香又濃的黃金起司太犯規了!

Omaya 店鋪裡的裝潢是以黃黑色為基底,大量工業風的元素為整體設計主軸。

彩虹冰 Rainbow Slush - RM 11.90

Korean Trendy Drinks - RM11.90 Rainbow Slush (Free Korean Stylist Drink Bottle)

西瓜真露酒 Watermelon Soju Cocktail - RM 36.90
(Korean Alcoholic Drink)

Made by blending watermelon juice, watermelon flesh and Korean HiteJinro wine, and then putting it into a bowl made from hollowed out watermelon skin. This cool blend of cocktail is very refreshing to the taste buds and soothing to the eyes.

棉花糖氣泡飲料 Cotton Candy Fizzy Drink - RM 9.90

口味有: 百香黃莉 Passionfruit Pineapple / 藍莓葡萄 Blueberry Grape / 柳橙芒果 Orange Mango / 柳橙百香可爾必思 Orange Passionfruit Yogurt

RM9.90 Passionfruit Pineapple
RM9.90 Blueberry Grape
RM9.90 Orange Mango
RM9.90 Orange Passionfruit Yogurt

The sparkling drink is then coupled with freshly made cotton candy on top of it, making it not only rich in flavor template, but visually as well. You can eat the cotton candy while drinking the sparkling drink, or you can simply mash them both together.

釜山巨無霸海鮮盤 Busan Giant Seafood Platter - RM 148.00

Complimentary: Dipping Sauce, Udon Noodles

Lee Kwong-Soo Cheesy Chicken Dakgalbi 辛普森湯

RM68 Cheese Dakgaibi (Chicken)
RM86 Squid Cheese Dakgaibi (Squid + Chicken)
RM82 10oz Pork Chop Cheese Dakgaibi (Pork + Chicken)
RM106 Premium Beef Steak Cheese Dakgaibi (Beef + Chicken)

Enjoy absolute tenderness of the boneless chicken fillet! Made with deeply marinated chicken fillet, together with ttoek, cabbage, potato and 7 different ingredient, mixed with special sauce created with 17 different spices.
The outer rim of the pot is sizzled with up to 400gram of mozzarella and cheddar cheese mixture forming a cheesy canal. Everybody enjoy watching the cheese slowly melt with the heat, like molten lava with appealing cheesy aroma. Enjoy the tender chicken fillet wrapped in hot melted cheese !

Korean Cheese Fried Chicken 芥末去骨雞丁 (附送薯條)

RM30 Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cube with Fries
RM30 Korean Spicy Chicken Wing with Fries
RM25 Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cube
RM25 Korean Spicy Chicken Wing

Battered in imported Korean fried chicken batter powder, and fried under high temperature oil, this Korean fried chicken is crunchy on the outside, but remained tender on the inside. Topped with Korean sauce, the fried chicken now gives rich saucy taste! Enjoy it with carbonated drink or beer.


1200mm Korean Skewer

RM138 1200mm Korean BBQ Skewer

Add On
RM29 Korean Special Selected Pork Belly
RM29 Korean Premium Pork Shoulder
RM1 Lettuce
RM19 Deep Sea Squid

Enjoy this 1200mm long skewer, which consists of 15 layer of different vegetable, fruits and meat. Indulge yourself with pork, chicken and seafood in alternate fashion, while having various of charred fruits and vegetables in interval. Coupling with fruit vinegar that cuts the grease of the grilled meat, while improving digestive system.

相約朋友趕快到 Omaya Pavilion 打卡享用火熱熱的韓國部隊!

店鋪:Omaya Pavilion
地址:C4.02.00, Level 4, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Mall 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
聯絡電話:03-2141 0122
營業時間: 星期一至星期日 10:00am – 22:00pm

Omaya @ Subang Jaya :
預定熱線 : 03-5611-7949
地址:A-02-2, Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8, SS15. 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor (INTI college)

Omaya @ Mont Kiara :
預定熱線 : 03-6206 5067
地址:K-G-13, Solaris Mont Kiara, No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Kuala Lumpur 50480

Omaya @ Johor Mount Austin:
預定熱線 : 07-364 3183
K-G-13, Solaris Mont Kiara, No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Kuala Lumpur 50480
地址:No.49 & 51, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Tmn Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.


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