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【Product Review】開箱文 | 軒外之音 | Barbie Eyesland | You will have your lovely dolly eyes




但現今推出市場的品牌 Barbie Eyesland 因為款式和顏色選擇很多,也因此受到很多年輕人的喜愛。

收到 Barbie Eyesland 包裹時非常期待!

打開後驚喜滿滿的。除了有包裝很美的三對隱形眼鏡意外,Barbie Eyesland  也很貼心的為客戶準備了三對眼看非常可愛的Oreo餅幹眼鏡盒蓋。廠家的貼心讓客戶買了放心也溫暖。

Barbie Eyesland 隱形眼鏡的 Lens Diameter 有如以下。
款式和 Diameter 都可以根自己喜好選擇。

14mm - 21 items
14.5mm - 19 items
15mm - 11 items
16mm - 14 items
16.5mm - 9 items

名模 Amber Chia 也使用 Barbie Eyesland 隱形眼鏡。來看看她怎麽說?
Amber Chia Barbie Eysland Youtube:

Barbie Eyesland 隱形眼鏡有什麽顏色?戴起來怎麽樣?來看看以下的分享。
khaty black Contact Lenses Barbie Eyesland Malaysia Youtube:

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How do i place an order & pay?
Its very very SIMPLE and EASY. 3 Steps,
1. Choose the item you want.
2. Give us your full address.
3. Make payment.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Once payment is complete it will be shipped out within 24hours and take 1 to 3 working days for courier service to deliver to your door steps.

How much is the shipping fee?

Currently all our item are "Free Shipping." For West Malaysia.

Do you have ready stock for all the item?

Yes, all item is ready stock if its purchasable =)

我共收到3對。因為我是單眼皮,眼睛也比較小,所以選擇的 Diameter 比較大,這樣看到黑眼珠也比較大,眼睛自然而然就會有變大的效果,嘻嘻。

1. Oh My Darling BROWN 15mm - 250 - RM 25.00
Oh My Darling brown cosmetic contact lenses are a great way to modify and enhance your eye color. With its brown color saturation, Barbie Eyesland created these incredible cosmetic contact lenses for individuals who see the importance of fashion and style. They enhance a much more natural look.

2. Oh My Galaxy Black 16mm - 250 - RM 25.00
If you are looking for something to have a continuous natural vision, getting these marvelous cosmetic contact lenses from Barbie Eyesland will be the right decision to make. They give you a complete all day long freedom without worrying about frequent removal and insertions for cleaning purposes!

3. Oh My Dora GREY 16mm - 250 - RM 25.00
For a hot choice in spectacular fashionable look, these wonderfully designed contact lenses by Barbie Eyesland are just the perfect choice for you! They are elegant and are guaranteed at bringing a glittering grey patterned enhancement to your natural eyes that blends so smoothly well with the natural color of your eyes to bring an even better overall look!

以下圖我戴上了Barbie Eyesland 的 Oh My Dora GREY 16mm - 250

謝謝 Barbie Eyesland 讓我得到如此舒服,有水分,漂亮時尚的隱形眼鏡。現在可以美美出門了!

好康!現在購買 Barbie Eyesland  隐形眼镜有優惠!還等什麽?趕快擁有一個漂亮的隱形眼鏡吧!
寫上以下的優惠 Discount Code 就可以有優惠!

產品:Barbie Eyesland
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