Thursday, June 29, 2017

軒外之音 | 好康分享 | Havan Clothing 💕 Fashion with a purpose 支持孩子們的創作

Havan Clothing 附送2隻彩色筆也有含義的。
現代人無論大人小孩都註重工作 功課 而導致身心疲累+壓力。
而這附送的彩色筆是鼓勵大家放下電子產品 ,拿起顏色筆, 與自己的內心連結, 然後輕鬆的在盒子上表達自己 💕

Havan Clothing 開始於2017年3月17日。

Havan Clothing - Fashion with a purpose.
Havan clothing is a lifestyle brand aims to appreciate and empowers kid’s art.

5% Cause:
Kids draw the art, we turn them into clothing.

When you buy a clothing from Havan Clothing, you are recognizing a kid's creativity.

5% of sales will be used to fund free learning programs that benefit our Giving Partner.

說真的 - 衣服的質料非常好  
當中 95% 是 Cotton, 5% 是 Spandex.

Move Easy - Stretchable & Breathable
You can feel the smooth fabric supporting your upper body as we designed it slim fitted cutting

價錢:RM 39.00
Size: XXS - L (我入購 XS 非常合身+slim fit)
Size Chart: 可遊覽 -

價錢:RM 39.00
Size: S - XL
Size Chart: 可遊覽 -

為什麼會有如此創意構思? - 圖文摘自 havan clothing 網站

Alagan drew THE CAT. He is 7 years old (2016), from a children’s home - Hiichiikok Foundation, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

He grabs abstract ideas fast and loves to move around all the time. To him cat is everybody’s friend. In his perfect little world, everyone is everyone’s best friend.

趕快來支持一下吧!說是看不到其衣服質料,趕快入購一件握在手上,你就能體會到我所說的 - 有意義、有創意、有質料、有時尚!


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